Business Dynamic

The Profile of Jingzhou Mind E-commerce Branch

 Jingzhou Mind Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.   Jingzhou Mind E-commerce Branch ( hereinafter referred to as Mind E-commerce) was established on April 7th, 2011. At the same time, Mind E-commerce websites were operated.
     Under the leadership of Mr. Huang Zuming, the industry veteran in E-commerce field, Mind E-commerce Branch has great advantages of high quality business team, strong technical strength, mature business pattern and all-round information channel, being devoted to becoming the preferred E-commerce platform for enterprises at home and aboard.   
    Mind E-commerce Website is a third party portal website of B2B, B2C and CBC and integrated with the services of corporate image promotion, online trading and on-line technical consultation. Besides, it has service functions of displaying perfect products and promoting import and export trade, which can provide domestic and international suppliers and buyers with excellent, effective, convenient service, and meet the demands of all the customers.
    The information on scientific research output, technical level, research trends, scientific achievements, patent technology, product application and technical services of our company will be published on Mind E-commerce website. Through Mind E-commerce Platform, all the new and old customers can have a fully understanding of above information and can send requirements and order information. Your patronage is cordially invited!