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Cooperation Ways


    Mind is in a healthy and orderly development stage; welcome friends in the industry and customers to establish a close relationship of mutual trust with us to create the glory together.
    We can offer (accept) the following cooperation ways:
    1. OEM: Make use of the advantages of Mind and customers to achieve a win-win situation.
        (1) ODM: The customers manufacture with Mind brand and their own products.
        (2) OEM:The customers manufacture with Mind brand and Mind products.
        (3) OBM: Mind manufactures with customers’ brand and products.

    2. Assembly: Relying on the strong platform of our company, we will match the most qualified suppliers and the cheapest labor to create low-cost & high-quality products according to the assembly buyers purchase requirements.
        (1)  CKD: Completely knock down.
        (2)  SKD: Semi-knock down, part of them is ready-made.
        (3)  DKD: Direct knock down or end-product assembly.

    3.  Agent: Mind will establish partnerships with agents. We will provide full support and technical guidance according to the market environment to create Mind brand and to achieve win-win situation together.
        (1)  Special agent: Special agents sale the products of Mind and provide technological support and maintenance services in a certain area.
        (2)  Sole agent: Sole agent engages in the business activities alone on behalf of Mind in the designated area and certain period. Mind won’t appoint a second agent in the region.
        (3)  General agent: General agent is the plenipotentiary of Mind in the designated region to engage in general business activities and some non-business affairs; he can subdivide the region and entrust regional agents to engage in general business activities and some non-business affairs.



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