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Digital Solutions of Oilfield Water Injection

Digital Solutions of Oilfield Water Injection


1. The ground system of oilfield water injection and the economic-operation management system

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    The economic-operation management system for oilfield water injection takes the whole water injection system as its object. Based on GIS technology and database technology, it builds information management of ground system for water injection, and provides perfect, scientific, standard test method. According to the two types of point system and daily operation, it finishes the accurate multi-node data detection of the whole water injection system, which includes the data detection of electric energy of motor power input node, of the torque and rotary speed of the motor shaft output node, of the flow of pump entrance node, of the pressure of forcing pump exit node, of dry pressure and flow of the station exit node, of the dry pressing of node in water distribution station, and of the flow and pressure when stream flows to the node of single well; it completes the efficiency analysis of water injection system; it realizes the analysis and valuation of water injection system; it achieves the real-time online optimization design of large closed-loop model with fine water injection as its constraint condition, economical operation of water injection system as its goal, frequency conversion control and the difference of dry pressure in pump as its method, intelligent & steady-flow control valve in single well water injection as its terminal node. The economic-operation management system for oilfield water injection is an integrated management system with test, calculation, analysis, evaluation and optimization.


2. Real-time Online Optimization Control Technology for Large Closed Loop
     Under the condition of existing pipeline and water injection equipment, it achieves the real-time online optimization design of large closed-loop model with the real-time monitoring of operating parameters as its base, fine water injection as its constraint condition, economical operation of water injection system as its goal, frequency conversion control and the difference of dry pressure in pump as its method.


3. The Online Calibration Technology for Water Balance
     It calibrates online the large-caliber flow meter at the pump entrance with ultrasonic flow meter; with the flow meter with stainless steel straight pipe which can calibrate and maintain online, water-injection single well finishes calibration online and solve the problem of the water balance in water injection system with ultrasonic flow meter.


4. Regulating Technology for Dry Pressure Difference
     Pressure in pump pipe of centrifugal pump adjusts automatically. It can control the pump pipe pressure differential valve opening, then to make the pump work in a safe area and in an economic running state through monitoring pump delivery, water pressure in pump exit and water pressure in pipe network, and water-injection economic operation requirements.

5. Flow Testing and Control Device
     ZJK flow self-control device is an integrated high-tech product with machine and electricity, which is a collection of flow meter, intelligent control system, actuator and flow meter adjusting valve. Setting a desired flow value casually within the range of the device, comparing the deviation between the tested flow signal and the set value, the control system and the actuator will adjust flow deviation automatically, which makes the flow in pipeline always stay near the set point to ensure the accuracy of the flow.
This device is mainly used in flow, air flow, the auto-adjustment of flow stabilization or pressure stabilization of steam flow in pressure pipeline, and remote monitoring, etc.; especially suitable for automatic control of oilfield water injection well with the characteristic of non-reducing accuracy after a long-time using, which is the ideal choice of modern oilfield water injection monitoring.

6. Field Calibration Technology for Flow

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    The intelligent monitoring device of online calibration type injection wells support auto-monitoring for online calibration water injection flow and online water injectivity index in order to provide the exact data and control for precise injection of single well and security monitoring. Depending on the different working conditions, it can be powered by solar energy and the mains, and it can also test injection water absorption curve automatically.

7. Integrated Technology for Downhole Measurement

    The instrument goes down well one time which can realize the stratified water injection, parameter adjustment, examining and seal and hierarchical test integration. Compared with existing technology, it has following advantages:

   . It doesn’t need cast and get out the core and water mouth, which preserves a function of sand control and anti-back spit.

   . The central size of adjustable concentric water distributor is large, which is suitable for different devices to go through. When the injection stops on the ground, it will close, which can prevent interlayer streaming and flow backward. However, eccentric water distributor does not have this function.

   . It will improve interval water injection rate.

   . It has a less operation time and low labor intensity; it reduces two-thirds workload of water injection well. Take three-layer water injection as an example, it can be finished within 3 or 4 hours.

   . The qualified rate of interval allocation is higher than 90%.


8. Intelligent Two-way Fine Filtration Unit

    ZJK-II type intelligent two-way fine filtering unit is a kind of water-treatment device to improve the water quality of the single well water injection, which is commonly used in the single well injection wells or water distribution stations, and mainly focuses on the pollution in the process of water injection pipeline. ZJK-II type intelligent two-way fine filtering unit is mainly divided into e-control part and structure part. The e-control part is mainly composed of power supply, the master control device, software, etc.; structure part is composed of the main body, pipe fittings, high precision filter and multiple auto-control valves. With physical filtering method, it completes filtration and filter self-cleaning capabilities through timing or constant-pressure filtration and back wash. The device is with a high degree of automation, large sewage treatment without staff on duty.

     Technical Index of Intelligent Two-way Fine Filtering Unit: 

     . Filtering object: sewage of water injection wellhead

     . Working temperature: 0~80℃

     . Rated working pressure: 16MPa

     . Suspension content before filter: ≤30mg/L

     . Oil content before filter: ≤30mg/L

     . Oil content after filter: ≤5mg/L

     . Suspension content after filter: ≤3mg/L

     . Pressure loss before and after filter: ≤0.1MPa

     . Single well processing capacity: 50~200m3/d

     . Nominal diameter: DN25~50


9. The Economic Operation Management System of Portable Ground Oilfield Water Injection System V2.0

     The economic operation management system of portable ground oilfield water injection system has established complete system and equipment distribution map based on GIS electronic geographic information technologies; the system can provide complete multi-node test methods. With point system and time system, it can test each node parameters of the entire water system of accurately and completely, which include the electric energy in motor input node, the torque and rotary speed of motor shaft exit (pump entrance) node, the flow and pressure of pump entrance node, the flow and pressure of pump exit node, the dry pressure and flow of station exit node, the runoff dry pressure and flow of node in water distribution station, and the oil pressure and flow in single well node; This system uses Windows surface to establish a collection of statistical analysis, simulation calculation, system evaluation, optimization operation. The system is mainly used to guide the daily operation and management of production, to ensure that the system can run in the best way.
     The system is able to complete the calculation of motor efficiency, pump efficiency, station efficiency and system efficiency; with accurately calculating the energy consumption of each node system and quantitative analysis of the efficiency affected by various factors, it achieves a simulation calculation of pipe network node; after building injection system and evaluation method of economic operation equipment, it completes the evaluation of injection motor, injection pump, injection plant, trunk, water distribution station, pipe network, and injection system.
The system builds a visual graphics modeling of electric geographic information system. With the optimization design mathematical model which takes water injection system efficiency maximization as its objective function and using mathematical statistics and simulation calculation, it realizes the optimization design when water injection system operates in the best condition and the optimization design in technical transformation of water injection system.
     The system is the most complete and advanced specialized software and ancillary equipment in economic operation and management of current oilfield water injection. With high-end notebook computer installed with management software as its host, it is able to fulfill the tests of the input power of injection pump unit; the pressure, flow and temperature in pump entrance and exit, in injection station, in water distribution station and in water injection wellhead; able to analyze and calculate motor operation efficiency, injection pump efficiency, operation efficiency of injection station, pipeline network and water distribution station as well as the efficiency of the entire ground injection system; able to analyze and evaluate comprehensively the operation condition of injection equipment and injection pipeline, and then provide optimization plan. All operations of the system are completed in the Windows interface, which is informative, accurate and easy to operate.
     Taking database technology, geographic information system (GIS) technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology and testing technology as its core, the software completes data collection, efficiency calculation, evaluation analysis and simulation optimization. Based on Windows operating platform and Delphi language development, the system interface is friendly and easy to operate.
     The software system mainly includes a parameter configuration module, system modeling module, data test module, sensor calibration module, data processing module, the node hydraulic simulation module, the efficiency calculation module, analysis and evaluation module, parameter optimization module and report printing module. 


10. Economic Operation Management System of Fixed Oilfield Water Injection Ground System

     Installed on server, economic operation management system of fixed oilfield water injection ground system establishes static database of water injection system information map, equipment installation and technique process on the GIS graphical visualization platform. With the data collected by collector in LAN receiving station, it forms the dynamic database of production operation. With each node data displayed in forms or graphs, it calculates motor efficiency, pump efficiency, station efficiency, pipeline network efficiency and power consumption of actual injection unit; achieves the evaluation analysis and energy efficiency analysis of injection equipment and injection system; completes the simulation calculation of pipe network system, realizes the optimization operation of injection system. With installed stationary sensor/transmitter, instation collector does a real-time test on all parameters of the motor input power, torque and rational speed of motor shaft output, pressure of injection pump entrance and exit, dry pressure of injection station and flow data of pump entrance. Via browser, customers finish data browse, efficiency calculation, analysis evaluation, and optimization design of scheme.
     Based on network database technology, the system achieves data sharing after being released in the form of web page. It can not only achieve timely data calculation, evaluation analysis and optimization design, but also browse historical data in the forms of table and graph. The system includes two parts, hardware and software.
Hardware includes server host, input power collector (including sensor transmitter and collection part), pressure sensor/transmitter of entrance and exit, ultrasonic flow meter, stationary motor torque and rotary speed sensor, collection displayer, data collector, and Lan system.