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ZSJ Metering Station Centralized-control Terminal

ZSJ Metering Station Centralized-control Terminal

1. Overview
     Metering station centralized-control terminal is an auto-control and information management system which is applied to water distribution, watering and oil gauging during the process of daily production and management of oilfield. It can achieve automatic injection allocation of injection well, remote control and data uploading; realize separator liquid quantity measurement and data uploading. With modularization and open type of system design, it can not only separately control water distribution, watering and oil gauging, but also connect with other automation systems and equipment. Through RS485 data bus, it is able to connect the site ZJK-I water monitoring devices with computers in duty room, in which metering station control management system software has been installed.


2. System Components
    The system is composed of control unit in water distribution station and watering station, oil gauging measurement unit and metering station centralized-control terminal in duty room, as follows:

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3. Fundamental Features

    . Real-time collect and display the data of dry pressure, oil pressure, instantaneous flow and total flow in water injection well and watering well;

    . Auto-save and count the historical data of water injection well and watering well;

    . Auto-test the water absorption index of water injection well;

    . Long-distance set and modify the set flow, injection allocation quantity and starting pressure of water injection well;

    . Transfer collected data to information center;

    . Able to monitor and display the data and working conditions of oil gauging instrument when relevant equipment has been installed on site.



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