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XTZH-IIH Echometer

XTZH-IIH Echometer


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      XTZH-IIH echometer is a dedicated portable instrument to test the depth of pumping well liquid level. The echometer is equipped with pressure-type wellhead connector; compared with the traditional one with acoustoelastic as its sound source, it is much easier to operate and has better quality of sound source. The device itself has a high anti-jamming capability and signal sensitivity, which makes the measured sound-wave curve graphics clear and the operator easier to confirm the echo’s location. Moreover, the balance and smooth of the band echo also makes the liquid-level depth more accurate which calculated automatically by the instrument. Lastly, with convenient operation, friendly interface, long time waiting for being charged, the instrument which is equipped with RS232 and USB communication interface can upload the test data to host for record and analysis.