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XTZH-IIIB System Efficiency Tester

XTZH-IIIB System Efficiency Tester


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1. Overview
    XTZH-IIIB water injection system efficiency tester has established complete injection system and equipment distribution diagram based on GIS e-geographic information technology; it can provide comprehensive multi-node testing method. With point and time systems, it achieves the exact test and efficiency analysis of each node in the whole water injection system, which is from motor power input node, torque and rotary speed of motor shaft output (pump input) node, the flow and pressure of pump entrance and pump exit node, the dry pressure and flow of station exit node, watering dry pressure and flow of node in water distribution station, to the oil pressure and flow of single well node. Based on Windows interface, the software system is integrated with statistic analysis, simulation calculation, systematic evaluation and optimization operation, which is mainly used in daily production and operation management to ensure the optimization operation of water injection system.


2. Main Configuration
   . High-performance notebook computer; stand-alone system software;
   . Windows operating system;

   . Electric power sensor and acquisition circuit;
   . Pressure and flow sensor and acquisition circuit;
   . Temperature sensor and acquisition circuit (option);
   . Ultrasonic double-frequency Doppler flow meter (option);
   . Centrifugal pump coupling torque sensor and acquisition circuit (option).


3. Main Technical Parameters

Test physical quantity Test range Precision
Alternating voltage 50V~1140V 0.5%
Alternating current 0A~500A 0.5%
Power factors -0.80~1.00 0.01
Pressure of pressure pump 0MPa~50MPa 0.5%
Pressure in injection wellhead 0MPa~50MPa 0.5%
Flow 0.5m3/h~5000m3/h 1.0%
Torque 0~12000N·m 0.5%
Temperature -10~100 0.5%
Ultrasonic flow meter 0.06~10m/s 1.0%