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ZJK-NJ Torque Transmitter

ZJK-NJ Torque Transmitter


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1. Overview
    ZJK-NJ torque transmitter is used to measure the torque and rotate speed of centrifugal pump motor, which can output respectively the simulation signal of 4~20mA torque and rotary speed; With standard 485 communication interface, it can upload the testing data to the host computer. The torque and rotate speed value of motor are displayed with LCD. Transferred via wireless launching means, it has solved the problem that is difficult to measure torque in rotating condition.


2. Main Technical Parameters

Physical quantity of test Test range Precision
Torque 0~7000N·m 2%
Rotate speed 0~5000 r/min 0.2%
Communication interface Standard RS-485
Output signal Twin-channel signal of 4~20 mA torque and rotate speed