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MDJC-I Intermittent Pumping Wells Controller

MDJC-I Intermittent Pumping Wells Controller


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1. Overview
    The instrument is used to control low-permeability oil well pumping unit. When it detects a serious shortage of oil supply, the pumping unit will be ordered to stop; after the well liquid level recovers, the oil well starts working again, and repeats in such way.


2. Main Functions
   . Setting function: various parameters can be set via keyboard;
   . Auto-learning function: According to well liquid supply situation, it can automatically learn and gradually work out the best time for intermittent oil pumping;
   . Auto-monitoring function: According to detected current and power signal, it automatically finishes the best control of intermittent pumping using built-in optimization control algorithm;
   . Forewarning function: Before starting motor, you can set a warning, such as a two or three minutes’ voice, shortest oil pumping time, longest stopping time, which will prevent some difficult cases happening, for example, the time for stopping pumping cannot be over long, or some special requirements needed. It can not only record the booting time and stop time of oil pumping unit, but also measure the motor power consumption, and provide balance index as well;
   . Extended function: With adding data transfer radio or GPRS module, it can not only achieve real-time remote transmission of data, but also realize the remote control of start and stop and intermittent pumping program adjustment; with intermittent pumping parameters set and intermittent pumping situation monitored via control center, it achieves control center intervened manually.


3. Main Technical Parameters

Working voltage AC220V, 50Hz
Output contact capacity AC220V, 200VA
Ambient temperature -25~+65
Precision of current sensor Grade 0.5
Energy saving Energy saving 20%~30% under the condition of stable production
Clock precision No more than 2 seconds everyday