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USM-100 Three-phase Flow Measuring and Detecting Device

USM-100 Three-phase Flow Measuring and Detecting Device


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1. Overview
    USM-100 three-phase flow measuring and detecting device is a new-type measurement, which is ancilliarily used in oilfield single team measurement, in order to improve the accuracy of oil, gas, water after three phase separator.
    Aiming at the inaccuracy measurement of containing water and crude output in the process of single team measurement in oilfield gathering system, applying smart oil parsing and gas flow balance measurement technology, it realizes to measure containing water and oil yield accurately and then achieves accurate measurement of crude oil production unit through automatic intelligent analytic processing dissolved gas contained in crude oil in the existing three-phase separator crude oil metering pipeline.


2. Product Features
   . Real-time stabilize pressure detection and control and temperature test.
   . Able to adapt the bigger flow fluctuation of oil, gas and water.
   . High measurement precision and large scope of application. This device can continuously on-line measure the three-phase fluid, oil, gas and water in crude oil with different moisture content.
   . High automation. In unattended situation, it can operate safely, reliably and continuously.
   . With remote communication interface, it can remotely real-time transmit measurement data, which provides modern conditions for network management and block management.
   . Small occupied space, convenient installation, easy maintenance and reliable use.


3. Main Technical Parameters

Crude oil measurement error of three-phase separating ≤2%
Online water containing measurement error ≤5%
Output signal RS485
Pipeline caliber DN100 (others can be customized)
Pressure loss <0.1bar


4. Application Case
    34th Team of 102 Station in Dongxin Oil Production Plant of Shengli Oilfield installed single team measurement system for crude oil in 2009; after long-term use they found that the measurement of this system in sewage and natural gas is basically stable, but measurement in crude oil is in large fluctuation, and the error is between 5% and 40%. From the accuracy, it doesn’t meet the requirements of single team measurement. So we can only standardize production of tanker regularly, which not only pollutes environment, but also increases workers’ labor intensity.
The main cause is that the proportion of free gas in mixed liquor from three-phase separator is high and field-use mass flow meter and dual-rotor flow meter are unable to accurately measure the crude oil in which free gas exceeds 5% because of their own features.
    After installing USM-100 three-phase flow metering detection device in the original process, the influence of free gas on current single team measurement system was reduced and the promptness and accuracy in data collection of current single team measurement were increased. The measurement error was been controlled within 1.5%, which met the demand of measurement and provided a reliable basis for oilfield improvement and producing optimization.


Standard production yield of tanker

Yield of single team measurement (Ton) Error rate of single team measurement (%) Yield of USM-100 device (Ton) Error rate of USM-100 device (%)
1010 192.2 204.0 5.32 193.7 0.39
1011 203.4 213.0 4.11 204.6 0.58
1012 198.1 201.0 5.13 200.7 1.32
1013 223.5 227.0 0.80 225.2 0.78
1014 216.3 226.0 3.34 218.7 1.12
1015 208.2 229.0 9.00 210.1 0.92
1016 201.1 232.0 14.34 202.9 0.89
1017 214.1 248.0 14.23 217.1 1.42

                                             Note: Standard production yield of tanker in the table is the net weight of crude oil tested

                                           and weighed by oil tanker, which can be regarded as the real output of crude oil at that time.


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