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USM-01 Rapid Water Cut Analyzer

USM-01 Rapid Water Cut Analyzer


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1. Overview

    Designed and made according to GB/T6533 standard, USM-01 rapid water cut analyzer is a detection device for rapid analysis of water content in oilfield oilwell produced liquid (wet crude).
    This device is applied in laboratory of each oil production crew and combination station or transfer station in oilfield enterprise. Compared with traditional distillation test method, the technical method used in this device is much faster, more efficient, much safer, and more environment-friendly.
    This device helps to reduce activity cost for oilfield enterprise. Applied in one oil production crew, it is expected to save 100,000 Yuan yearly for electricity and petrol, which has considerable economic benefits.


2. Product Features
   . Short analysis time within 12 minutes every time.
   . More sample quantity analyzed. 8 samples can be analyzed at the same time.
   . Easy operation. After parameters set, the analysis process can be finished automatically.
   . Low power consumption, small noise, good stability, convenient maintenance, long service life.
   . The memory and display of rotary speed, temperature, time and working condition are controlled and completed by microcomputer automatically.
   . Environmental protection and high safety. It has open-the-door/downtime interlock function and close-the-door/start working function.


3. Technical Parameters
   . Analysis time: <12min
   . Sample quantity of each time: 8
   . Setting time: 0~99min
   . Maximum sample capacity: 8×25ml
   . Analysis temperature: 40~50℃
   . Power source specification: AC220V, 50/60Hz
   . Temperature in sample room: indoor temperature~60℃(adjustable)
   . Rated power: <2000W
   . Working speed: 2500~3000rpm
   . Running noise: <60dB
   . Maximum rotate speed: 5000rpm (no load)
   . Product size: 650×470×340 (mm)