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Digitized Dosing Device

Digitized Dosing Device


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1. Overview
    Oilfield chemicals usually adopt continuous, uniform way of dosing; actual dosage is worked out in accordance with fluid quantity of normal site; dosage cannot be adjusted in real time according to changes in fluid which cannot ensure the dosing concentration. There are errors between actual instant dosing concentration and required dosing concentration, which affects dosage effect and makes a big waste in medicine.
    Launching this project is to study a digitized dosing device instation, which can realize the real time matching between dosage and fluid quantity of site, thus increases dosing effect and reduces chemical agent usage. This device is designed directing at the operation condition of oilfield gathering and transportation system and dosing requirements, which is also suitable for automatic dosing on flow medium in other occasions. Through the improvement optimization of traditional dosing pump, gallipot, dosing method, supplementary dosage and motoring system, the automatic filling control of demulsifier, the research on auto-control of gallipot liquid level and gallipot temperature and auto stop control of water filling dilution, the device integrates intelligent dosing system, and achieves real time matching between dosage and fluid quantity. With integrated skid structure, this device has a compact structure and reasonable layout.

2.  Main Technical Parameters

    . Unit type: CQJY500-50/1.0
    . Rated pressure: 0.1-0.8MPa
    . Rated voltage: 3AC 380V
    . Medium temperature: 5-35℃
    . Rated power: 0.5-4kW
    . Explosive-proof grade: ExdIIBT4
    . Rated displacement: 5-50L/h×2
    . Tank volume: 500L×2