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DSY4-H350 Four Parameters Tester for Thermal Recovery

DSY4-H350 Four Parameters Tester for Thermal Recovery

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1. Overview

    Four-parameter steam injection test technology for thermal recovery is a high temperature test technology developed on the basis of the characteristics of thickened oil steam-injection well monitoring. It is mainly used in measuring the steam temperature, pressure, flow and dryness of column of thickened oil steam-injection well and arbitrary point of oil layer, thus obtains the information of gas injection effect. Four parameters tester for thermal recovery can make a comprehensive analysis evaluation of steam injection quality and steam injection effect, which provides a reliable basis for the rational exploitation of thickened oil steam-injection well.
    With steam-water two-phase flow measurement principle and high-temperature sensor technology, metal bottle insulation technology, high-temperature and high-pressure seal technology, high-temperature data acquisition technology, four parameters tester for thermal recovery achieves synchronous measurement of steam injection parameters, which completely meets the demands of thickened oil steam injection well test.
    Four parameters tester for thermal recovery is storage electronic tester, which is power supplied by high-energy battery after going down to well. Temperature measurement is with platinum resistor; pressure measurement is with static pressure transducer.


2. Technical Index of Downhole Instruments
    . External diameter: φ38mm;
    . Total length: 1730mm;
    . Temperature measurement range: 0-350℃;
    . Accuracy of measurement: ±1℃;
    . Pressure measurement range: 0-40MPa;
    . Measurement accuracy: ±0.05%F.S;
    . Power supply: 3.6v;
    . Continuous working hours downhole: 4hrs.


3. Instrument Features
    . High measurement accuracy; synchronized calibration of high temperature has been realized by temperature and pressure.
    . Wide measurement range. Without the limitation of steam injection temperature and pressure, it can meet the testing demands of each thickened oil block.
    . Reliable performance and long service life.
    . Easy testing technology, simple onsite operation, small limitation of place and steam injection column.
    . Low testing expenses.



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