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MDJ–ZQ Automatic Multiphase-flow Metering Lever in Oilfield

MDJ–ZQ Automatic Multiphase-flow Metering Lever in Oilfield

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1. Overview
    MDJ-ZQ automatic multiphase-flow metering lever in oilfield is a skid-mounted smart metering device used in oilfield multi-well oil and gas metering. It has completely changed the measurement model that the traditional metering skid can only measure the liquid output of single well. Using intelligent technology, it achieves online real-time measurement and remote transmission of oil, gas, water and sand (sand amount of single well). Moreover, with tree-type skid structure and dual-flow-wheel and auto-control valve, it realizes auto-metering and changes the mode of artificial inverted valve, artificial reading, and time sharing metering yield of single well. It completes automatic time-sharing metering, conversion and saving for oil, gas, water and sand (sand amount of single well) of single well. It can also configure network terminal according to requirements. With that, it realizes automatically remote transmission and alarming of oil and gas amount of single well oil, which is especially suitable for the real time monitoring of electric pump well when sand production appears (according to sand production state, the device can real-time frequent control liquid production capacity of e-pump well, which prevents the sand production developing rapidly from mild to severe; this sand production effects yield, even stops production).


2. Main Technical Index
    . Medium: oil, water, sand and gas mixture
    . Measuring error: 8% (oil, water)
    . Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa
    . Medium temperature: 20℃~60℃
    . Ambient humidity: -10℃~50℃
    . Flow range: 2~240m3/d
    . Interface size: 50mm
    . Test pressure: 3.2Mpa
    . Medium viscosity: 6~1000Mpa.S
    . Explosive-proof grade: ExdIIBT4



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