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Acidification Online/Remote Monitoring System

Acidification Online/Remote Monitoring System


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1. Overview
    Acidification online/remote monitoring system is made of acidification parameters tester, network equipment and data management system. With special sensor, the tester measures the instant amount of acidified liquid injection of oil-water well and real-time pressure of acidizing jobs. Through wired/wireless method, the tested acidification data is transferred to data management system, then the system analyzes and processes metering parameters and working hours, and calculates acidizing skin factor, and automatically evaluates the effect of acidification; so that it realizes the online/remote evaluation and analysis of operating condition in the process of acidification.


2. Product Features
   . Using ultrasonic flow meter, its data accuracy is high.
   . Using straight pipe pressure sensor measurement, it is safe and reliable.
   . High efficiency. Automatic data collection without artificial type-in reduces labor intensity and the influence of human factor.
   . Good real-time performance. It achieves dynamic online measurement.
   . The whole operation processing data can be fully played back, which is convenient for analysis.


3. Main Technical Parameters

Medium used Various kinds of acidic and alkaline liquid Pressure range 0~50MPa
Measurement accuracy 1.0% F.S Flow range 0~45m3/h
Interface mode 1502 union connection Interface specification 2”7/8 oil pipe
Power source specification It externally connects with 220v alternating current or system comes with power supply; it can work for 10 hours continuously. 
Data interface It supports the communication mode of 2.4G network, GPRS network and RS485 etc.


4. Application Case
    Field test was carried out in November, 2014 at No. 34X66 Well in Dongxin Oil Production Plant in Shengli Oilfield. This well’s basic parameters and data in monitoring were as follows:

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    Monitoring results showed that during acidification, acid injection displacement increased from 7.7m3/h to14.0m3/h, and acidification construction pressures decreased from 17.1Mpa to 9.2Mpa. Seen from the dynamic changing curve of skin factor, the curves calculated by two computing methods showed a downward trend. Inside, the computing results of Hill&Zhu method showed the skin factor decreased from 8.76 to 0.92. According to the analysis of evaluation mode of acidification effect, dynamic changing curve of skin factor in downward trend explained that the acidification was effective, so that skin factor was decreasing gradually. 
    Field test showed that acidification parameters tester achieved the automatically record and storage of acidification parameters. Calculation on dynamic changes of skin factor in acidification basically met the demand of acidification and effect evaluation.


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