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Multi-parameter Instrument for Drilling

Multi-parameter Instrument for Drilling


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    MDZJ-12 multi-parameter instrument for drilling is a parameter meter designed and produced for supporting rig, which measures and displays the changes of parameters during the operation of drill, such as hook weight and bit pressure, rotary table torque, standpipe pressure, the torque of hanging tongs’ power tongs and casing power tongs, rotary speed, impact speed of pump, mud reflux percentage, volume of mud tank, total volume of mud tank, mud density, mud temperature, mud conductivity, total hydrocarbon content, hydrogen sulfide content, travelling block height, well depth, drill bit location, drilling time, etc. In system composition, MDZJ-12 drilling multi-parameter instrument is made of sensor, bus node, front bench drill display unit (including PC104 embedded computer, LCD touchscreen) and captain’s office computer terminal. Compared with other type drilling multi-parameter instrument, it has following features:
    (1) It achieves modular construction design, which is convenient for expansion, and parameters can be configured as required.
    (2) Monitoring software can directly collect and process parameters up to 30 and it can set relevant parameters of alarm threshold, so as to realize sound-light alarm.
    (3) Monitoring software achieves user-friendly design. Driller can choose independently instrument simulation interface, data display interface and curve display interface, etc. according to its own habits.
    (4) Backend monitoring software can real-time monitor, remote display, real-time sound-light alarm; various parameter reports and curves can real-time display, store and print.
    (5) It uses CAN bus connection among systems; site installation and debugging are simple which is convenient for maintenance. 
    (6) Good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and long trouble-free use.


    The instrument real-time monitors the drilling process, which plays an important role in improving drilling efficiency, balanced drilling, safe drilling, cost reduction, effective protection of oil-gas layer, and realizing scientific drilling.