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Automatic Conveyor for Oil Pipe

Automatic Conveyor for Oil Pipe


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1. Overview
    Automatic conveyor for oil pipe is a device used to automatically convey and collect pipe fittings such as drill pipe, pipeline and casing pipe, etc. from land to wellhead. The main body of this conveyor consists of big frame, pipe frame, travelling block, dumping gear, feeding mechanism, front chute, front pulley, back pulley, etc.

    As above, front chute can rise and fall the height of track based on the height of site wellhead; both sides of the pipe frame are used to store pipe fittings to be transport or recovered, which have Inner and outer tilting function convenient for pipe fittings’ inner and outer rolling; flip mechanism is used in pipe fittings’ flip inward or outside; Through chain and wire rope, travelling block moves back and forth along the big frame motivated by feeding mechanism, in order to transport the pipe fittings of big frame to wellhead or recover the pipe fittings in wellhead.
    The main features of this mechanism are safe and reliable. All parts are used with explosive-proof materials; all actions can be controlled automatically, which can be operated either on-site or remote commanded within 100 meters. This completely avoids artificial operation and accidents. Strong adaptability: lifting chute can be adapted to different heights of wellhead platform; pipe frame capable of unfolding on both sides can either separately or simultaneously store, transport or receive tube according to field situation. Fast speed: the time for pipe fittings up and down is very short when this mechanism is in normal operation; it is about 15 seconds for one pipe up and down, which increases operation efficiency greatly.


2. Main Technical Parameters
    . Drill floor height adaptation: 2.5-4.5 m;
    . Conveying pipe length: 7-11 m;
    . Conveying pipe diameter specification: 73-200mm;
    . Maximum weight of conveying pipe: 3 ton;
    . Rated power input: 18kw (380V/50Hz);
    . Working pressure of hydraulic pressure: 21MPa;
    . Storage-tube weight of Pipe frame: 13 ton(single side);
    . Operating temperature: -20-60℃;
    . Total weight: 10 ton;
    . Boundary dimension of complete machine: 13.8X2.6X3.3 (m)