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MD-01 Direct Feeling Torque Detecting Device

MD-01 Direct Feeling Torque Detecting Device


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1. Overview
    MD-01 direct feeling torque detecting device (including MD-01 standard type, MD-01 Flange mounting type ) is its own patent technology of Mind, which is a new generation torque testing device specially developed for oil drilling equipment. It adopts special metal material and unique mating surface technology; using the perfect combination of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission, it realizes real-time monitor of dynamic torque. It is an ideal product to replace SMD cardan shaft torque sensor, hydraulic idler tension sensor, and top-thread rotary torque sensor. It possesses following advantages, anti-explosion, dial direct-sense display (convertible digital display), long service life, convenient installation, etc. It is mainly used in testing the dynamic parameters of torque in land drills, sea drilling platform and drill pipe of oilfield workover rig. For installation, we only need dismantle original universal drive shaft (between gearbox and turntable), and then displace the shorter universal joint shaft with direct feeling torque testing device.


2. Fundamental Features
    MD-01 direct feeling torque testing device (including MD-01 standard type, MD-01 Flange mounting type) is composed of mechanical shift and hydraulic pressure induction. Mechanical shift mainly uses the axial force proportional to torque produced when car-clamp type clutch transmits torque to measure the size of the axial force and transmitted torque through hydraulic sensitive components; and its dial pointer indicates torque by pressure variation in hydraulic chamber. The entire system of the car-clamp clutch structure, which increases car-clamp gradient, and greatly improves wear and axial displacement. Under normal circumstances, its service life is dozens of times than the existing thin-walled cylinder torque meter. The device possesses high torque measurement accuracy and large torque measurement range. Moreover, it is less affected by machining accuracy and physical properties. The annular design for its liquid chamber also makes hydraulic oil leakage negligible.


3. Main Technical Parameters

Measurement range of sensor 1000~15000N·m
Scale indication of torque meter 3500~35000N·m
Torque value

As gear reducer speed ratio is 3.56or 3.68,

efficiency displayed after being conversed by 95%
Measurement accuracy of static correction torque(when torquer generates standard torque calibration) 3%
120% measurement accuracy of overload torque 3%
120% torque reading of overload torque Rated torque ±5%
Working speed 1200shift/min
Working temperature -30~65
Relative humidity 35%~85% RH
Explosive-proof grade ExdIIBT4
Level of protection IP65