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MSQS-2 Derrick Lifting-in-place Monitoring Device

MSQS-2 Derrick Lifting-in-place Monitoring Device


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1. Overview
    Two section derrick lifting-in-place monitoring device is an intelligent monitoring system used to monitor the upper derrick locking mechanism MSQS-3, the flip structure mobile rig, lifting and lowering process of workover rig derrick, and the extension and retraction process of upper derrick.


2. Main Functions
   . Test and display the lifting and lowering angle of derrick and working angle (optional features);
   . Real-time monitor and display the extended and retracted position of upper derrick with respect to position in place;
   . Remind of various important state and positions of derrick (near, in place, over);
   . Detect, remind and display the open and deadlock state of locking block around derrick;
   . Protect the operation safe when the upper derrick extends or retracts.


3. Technical Parameters and Precision

Position sensor range 0100cm or 0150cm (optional) Error: ≤0.1 cm
Deadlock/open detection sensor Switching signal  
Angle display range -90°~ +90° 0.01
Noise-proof and anti-interference ability

1000Vpρ-p, pulse width 1μs,  frequency 30-100Hz

Turn off/turn on set-up switch Rotary switch  
Button momentary connection  
Alarm response time ≤1S  
Supply voltage DC 24V 50W  
Working temperature -30~65  
Explosive-proof grade ExdIIBT4  
Level of protection IP65