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MSFQ-C Derrick Anti-roll System

MSFQ-C Derrick Anti-roll System


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1. Overview
    Through detecting dynamic load of tensile force of four derrick guy wire in workover rig, MSFQ-C derrick anti-roll system realizes the real-time monitor of the smooth degree of workover rig derrick.


2. Main Functions
   . Display the tensile force value borne by guy rope in four directions, the unit is KN or P.
   . Display the current running state of the system; when abnormity happens, it can indicates at once in which direction the tensile force exceeds the limitation.
   . Set the alarm limit of tensile force borne by guy rope in four directions.
   . When the deviation between the display value of tensile force of sensor and actual value is too big, it can calibrate by setting coefficient.


3. Technical Parameters and Precision

Load indication range of former guy rope 0.0 KN~200.0KN Error: ≤0.1
Load indication range of side guy rope 0.0 KN~200.0KN Error: ≤0.1
Noise-proof and anti-interference ability 1000Vpρ-p, pulse width 1μs, frequency 30-100Hz  
Turn off/turn on set-up switch Rotary switch  
Button momentary connection  
Alarm response time ≤1S  
Supply voltage DC 24V 50W  
Working temperature -30~65  
Explosive-proof grade ExdIIBT4