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MSPQ-E Anti-collision and Anti-roll System

MSPQ-E Anti-collision and Anti-roll System

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1. Overview
    MSPQ-E anti-collision and anti-roll system of intelligent crane is an electronic control instrument with stable structure. It is used to limit drill travelling block moving within the preset range to prevent derrick from excessive tilt. It has dual display with digital and graphical, which provides the operator with the real-time display of the travelling block’s position and biaxial inclination.
    This instrument is equipped with sound-light alarm, which can remind the operator when abnormalities happen, such as travelling block’s position exceeds the upper limit and lower limit, over descent speed, over tilt of derrick etc., which ensures the safety of equipment and operator.
    MSPQ-E anti-collision and anti-roll system of intelligent crane has a solid and easy installation. To make sure the operation normal, please install all the units rightly and ensure all pneumatic and electrical cables safe and reliable.

2. Technical Parameters

Rotate speed of winch 3,000 shift/min
Operation temperature –40~55(–40 ~ 130°F)
Power supply 12VDC
Encoder size 180mm×60mm×60mm
Encoder precision 360Hz/round
Air leakage limit 2%
Magnetic valve power 24V DC 2.0A
Air source of magnetic valve Maximum 12bar(175psi)
Host computer 280mm×180mm×150mm
Position display of digital travelling block 4bit
Display precision ±0.1%
Precision display in bar pattern ±0.8%
Indication range of tilt angle ±15%
Precision display of tilt angle ≤0.1°




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