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MSFP Intelligent Crane Anti-collision Device

MSFP Intelligent Crane Anti-collision Device


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1. Overview
   MSFP intelligent crane anti-collision device is an electronic instrument with safe operation which is used to monitor and restrict the moving range of travelling block, provide the operator with real- time position of travelling block, and provide the protection of upper anti-collision, lower anti-smashing and overspeed brake.


2. Main Functions
    . Display the current operation state of system, display normal operation, alarm or brake;
    . Digital display operation height and speed of travelling block, graphic display operation height and direction of travelling block;
    . Set the upper/lower limit position of travelling block’ operation;
    . Set the highest speed range of travelling block’s operation;
    . Set the height display mode of travelling block, that is percentage mode and length mode;
    . Automatically judge the operation direction of travelling block;
    . Protect the travelling block from upper collision, lower smashing in operation;
    . When the operation speed of travelling block exceeds the preset speed, it will automatically control travelling block’s operation, and start brake function to protect equipment and staff with sound-light alarm;
    . Anti-collision warning function: when the rising height of travelling block exceeds 85% of full height or falls down to 15%, the system will give sound-light alarm;
    . Test brake function: to ensure the system can carry out accurately and effectively the protection measures when emergency happens.


3. Main technical index

Height display range -9.9m~99.9m Or -10%~100% Error: ≤0.1
Height calculation accuracy 0.02m  
Prefabricated range of rising height 0m~99.9m  
Prefabricated range of descent height -9.9m~99.9m  
Operation speed range 0m/s~5m/s  
Brake response time 0.1S  
Noise-proof and anti-interference ability 1000Vpρ-p, pulse width 1μs, frequency 30-100Hz  
Turn off/turn on set-up switch Rotary switch  
Button momentary connection  
Alarm response time ≤1S  
Power supply voltage DC 24V 50W  
Working temperature -30~65  
Explosive-proof grade ExdIIBT4