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MSFP-F Hook Load Protection Device

MSFP-F Hook Load Protection Device


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1. Overview
    MSFP-F hook load protection device is a kind of electronic indicating instrument with stable structure, which is used to monitor the pressure changes of weight indicator system. It transmits current signal proportional to hydraulic pressure to host computer, and then host computer transmits the digital signals to processor with analog-digital conversion circuit. With data processing technology, the device calculates hook lifting load, and compares actual load with preset alarm limit value, so as to realize the overload protection of hook load.


2.  Main Functions
    . Display the operation state of system, including normal operation, over-limit alarm or brake;
    . Digital display hook load; digital display the value of pressure sensor;
    . Set the alarm limit value of hook load and brake limit value. When the load exceeds the limit value, it will alarm or brake;
    . Set weight indicator index, that is the correspondence between pressure value of sensor and load;
    . By means of 5 standard pressure points, it calibrates pressure sensor;
    . Test brake function: to ensure the system can carry out accurately and effectively the protection measures when emergency happens.


3. Technical Parameter and Precision

Load display range 0KN~2000KN Error: ≤2%
Brake response time <0.1S  
Noise-proof and anti-interference ability

1000Vpρ-p, pulse width 1μs, frequency 30-100Hz

Turn off/turn on set-up switch Rotary switch  
Button momentary connection  
Alarm response time ≤1S  
Power supply voltage DC 24V 50W  
Working temperature -30~65  
Explosive-proof grade ExdIIBT4