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SFJ-B Point-to-depth and Point-to-weight Meter

SFJ-B Point-to-depth and Point-to-weight Meter

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1. Overview
    By measuring the descent speed and depth of fishing wheel drop, and the object parameters such as dynamic load when it falls and rises, and synchronous displaying via LCD, SFJ-B point-to-depth and point-to-weight meter makes the operators real-time know the current working condition. As the requirements of safe operation of equipment, the device can set the normal working range of running speed, running height and object dynamic load. When running parameters excess the normal working range, the device gives a sound-light alarm to prevent operational accidents.


2. Main Functions
    . Display the depth when object descends and ascends;
    . Display the speed when object descends and ascends;
    . Display promotion load value of object;
    . Display wellhead position;
    . Alarm when descent depth reaches set depth;
    . Alarm when decent and ascent speed exceed set speed;
    . Alarm when ascent position reaches set position in wellhead;
    . Alarm when load value exceeds set load value, and remind the operation, and then protect the safe operation of object.


3. Technical Parameters

Display range of depth 0m~9999.9m
Display range of speed 0m/min~999m/min
Display range of load 0kN~250kN
Preset range of descent depth 0m~7500m
Preset range of speed limitation 0m/min~500m/min
Depth range of approaching to ground 0m250m
Preset range of load limitation 0kN~250kN




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