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MSCJ-1 Range Finder

MSCJ-1 Range Finder


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1. Overview
    MSCJ-1 range finder is used to convert mechanical displacement amount into measurable analog signals which outputs in linear proportion. Detected object generates displacement, which pulls the sensor rope connected with itself, then the rope drives the transmission mechanism of range finder synchronous rotation; when the displacement moves backward, the gyroscope in range finder will automatically withdraw rope, and keep the tensile force unchanged in the rope’s extension, so as to output an electrical signal proportional to the amount of movement of the rope.

2. Technical Parameters

Measurement range 0m~5m
Measurement precision ±10mm
Supply voltage 12V DC~24V DC
Signal input mode 4mA~20mA
Service environment temperature -10~+60
Level of protection IP65
Explosive-proof grade ExdIIBT4