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MSCP-8 Cementing Operation Monitoring System

MSCP-8 Cementing Operation Monitoring System


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1. Overview
    Cementing operation monitoring system is used to real-time monitor and remote manage the operation of cementing equipment such as stand-alone single pump or dual system dual pumps; real-time monitor the parameters’ curve display of density, pressure, discharge of fluid mud pump outputs; calculate and real-time display cumulative flow and time in each stage of the operation, total cumulative discharge and time in the whole process of the operation. When the mud pump pressure exceeds the set limit, it can automatically shut down to achieve an overpressure protection of mud pump.


2. Main Technical Index and Parameters
    . Mud density measurement range: 0.000-5.000g/cm3
    . Exit pressure measurement range: 0.0-103.4MPa
    . Discharge measurement range: 0-9999L/min
    . Cumulative discharge range: 0.0-9999m3
    . Working temperature: -30℃-70℃