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MD-YLC5 Fracturing Flow Monitoring Device

MD-YLC5 Fracturing Flow Monitoring Device


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1. Overview
    This device is made with micro processing digital technology and ultrasonic measuring principle, which is suitable for the flow test of high-pressure drilling mud and mortar. Because there is no any intrusive flow object in the tube, it can be used for medium flow measurement and record of high-pressure special occasions, such as coiled tubing truck, fracturing truck, etc. Working principle: this device adopts transmission-time method to measure liquid flow. Ultrasonic signals are sent out by the first sensor installed in the side of pipeline, and are received by the second sensor. These signals are sent out along the medium flow direction. Because signal is spread in a flowing medium, the transmission time of acoustic signal propagation along the flow direction will be shorter than the transmission time of the reverse flow direction, so as to confirm the average flow velocity of ultrasonic signal in its propagation path. Based on the cross section of pipeline, it makes a contour correction of obtained average flow velocity, and then data can be obtained with volume proportional to the flow velocity in pipeline. Through comprehensive microprocessor, this device controls the entire measurement period, and eliminates interference signals with statistical signal processing technology.


2. Working Parameters
    . Flow velocity: 0.01~2 5m/s
    . Repeatability: 0.15% reading ±0.01 m/s
    . Precision: ±1%~2%, can reach ±0.5% with correction
    . Volume flow range: 0.20~100m3/h (Dn50 standard straight pipe)
    . Supply voltage: DC20~32V
    . Working temperature: -10°C~60°C