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Jingzhou Mind Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Mind) was founded in July, 2001, specialized in information system integration, software development and technology transfer service. Mind is a provincial high-tech enterprise and software company, who is professional in developing and manufacturing intelligent instrument of oil industry equipment. Mind is not only an intelligent instrument supplier well-experienced in Chinese oil industry with complete product varieties and strong system supporting ability, but also a supplier of system services and application solutions. It has ten branches, which are Enterprise Technology Center of Hubei Province Recognition, Workstation Of Hubei Academician Experts, Hubei Mind Postdoctoral Industry Base, Hubei Jinggong International Instrument Research Institute, Hubei Energy-metering and Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd., Mind Science and Technology Digitized Equipment Production Center, School-enterprise Co-built Oilfield Water Injection Technology Research Center of Hubei Province, Jingzhou Weiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd., Jingzhou Mind E-commerce Branch, and Jingzhou Xianfeng Plastic Products (Mould) Co., Ltd. Mind has established a complete quality management system of ISO9001, and has been conferred ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and national double soft certification.
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